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Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey Joel! I was wondering if you will be sending out acceptances via mail or e-mail this year? Also how is reviewing applications going? Good I hope!

Hey Anonymous! We haven't quite decided yet whether we will notify by email or regular mail. Just yesterday, ANOTHER university sent erroneous notifications to students -- so the whole e-mail thing still makes me nervous. However, I think that's the direction we are leaning. We just need to be VERY CAREFUL, obviously.

As far as the Final Review process - things are going very good! Thanks for asking. We had another long meeting this afternoon but at least the interview process is behind us so we can now focus on this aspect of the admissions cycle. But yes, things are going well and we are right on track! (Although we are seeing a LOT of people that need to work on their on-site essay skills.)

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