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Monday, October 30, 2023

Fee Waivers -- Don't Be Shy!

 Applying to grad school can be costly.

We know that.

Fee waivers can be a way to offset that cost considerably!

Applying to UCSF School of Pharmacy is a two-part (two-fee) process -- and both have fee waiver options available!

1. Submit a completed PharmCAS application
For fee waivers for submitting the PharmCAS application, you should contact PharmCAS directly.

2. Submit a UCSF Application Processing Fee
Consider requesting a fee waiver to cover the UCSF Application Processing Fee. A little work is involved but it could certainly save you an additional expense. There are several different categories in which a fee waiver is granted:

  • Verification from your current undergraduate Financial Aid office; or
  • Meeting certain income eligibility guidelines as a non-student; or
  • Submitting a statement of need

I've had several applicants share that they don't meet the first two options and are curious about the third (Submitting a statement of need).  We have many applicants in this situation.  The answer is easy -- simply complete the Fee Waiver form and submit a statement of need that includes a bit of information on your current financial situation -- and how a fee waiver would help with the cost of applying. Easy-peasy, right? 

The UCSF Application Processing Fee Waiver form and instructions can be downloaded online

Questions? Reach out to us at PharmD@ucsf.edu 

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