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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Prerequisite Requirements - Moving Forward

A proposal that was in the pipeline for several years can finally be announced.  With the transition to a new curriculum beginning in 2018, our prerequisite requirements have also changed. (Note: This is effective for applicants applying in 2017, for entry in 2018 -- and beyond.)  We've shared these changes with many prospective students already during recent presentations and events. It's always been "proposed" but now it's official! I think you'll like the changes....

I've always believed that sharing the "why" is as important as the "what" so in addition to outlining the changes, I also want to share background information that helped inform our decision to makes these changes.

Physics: (Eliminated)
Eliminated. Zilch. Zero. Nothing. No. More. Physics.  I know many are happy to hear this. It seems to be the one subject that causes much rumbling. Not surprisingly, even the strongest of science students tend to struggle a bit with physics.

Background: The specific concepts of physics are not anticipated for future curriculum content. When and should these concepts arise, they can be addressed within the curriculum as part of introductory or preparation sessions.

Microbiology: (Added)
We now require microbiology with lab.  This shouldn't cause too much alarm since many schools require this -- and MOST of our applicants and admitted students complete this subject anyway.

Background:  Infectious disease therapeutics has become an educational cornerstone to all practicing pharmacists. Whether in the retail, institutional, industry, or research arena, a mastery of the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases by pharmacists remains paramount. Given the extraordinary role that pharmacists play within the discipline of infectious diseases, students should now enter the PharmD program with prior exposure to basic microbiological principles. The ACPE standards also highly encourage this biomedical science subject be addressed in the pre-professional curriculum as a requirement for admission into a PharmD program.

Math: (Changed)
Previously, we required Calculus I and Calculus II.  We now require only Calculus I but have replaced Calculus II with Statistics.  This should be welcome relief for those who aren't to fond of calculus.

Background:  Pharmacists are amongst the many health professionals and scientists expected to evaluate issues in medical and biological sciences that are addressed by collecting and exploring relevant data. The application of this population-based information to decision making regarding individual patient care requires biostatistics, a content area consistently taught throughout the PharmD program and required by ACPE as an element of the core curriculum. Therefore, a fundamental understanding of basic statistics is required so that successful competency of biostatistics can be achieved by our students.

Our current brochure has been updated to reflect these prerequisite changes but we're aware many previous documents (and Course Prerequisite Agreements) don't reflect the updates.

For more information on all our subject area requirements, please visit our Academic Prerequisites page.

As always, if you have prerequisite questions, contact us via email at admissions@pharmacy.ucsf.edu

Pharmacy Info Days -- Coming At You - Spring 2017!

It's that time of year again -- we go on the road to share important information about our PharmD program! This is particularly helpful for prospective students who are interested in learning more about our program as well as gaining a better understanding of what it takes to submit a competitive application.

Although we'd love to meet you in person, we realize this is not possible for everyone -- particularly those located out-of-state. No worries. We now have an ON-LINE option.  We will be streaming live from the Fresno location on March 4, 2017.

Attendance is free for all four events -- but preregistration IS required.

2017 Dates & Locations & Dates are:
  • Online:  Saturday, March 4
  • Fresno: Saturday, March 4
  • Long Beach: Saturday, April 29
  • San Francisco: Saturday, May 13
Of course, the typical areas will be covered:
  • Career opportunities in pharmacy: pharmacist panel
  • Overview of the doctor of pharmacy curriculum
  • Why pharmacy? a student pharmacist panel
  • Preparing a competitive application
However, what these events ALSO provide are opportunities to meet with (and ask specific questions of) admissions representatives, current students, pharmacists, and other students who are also applying to pharmacy school. 

For more information and to register to attend, please visit our Pharmacy Information Day website.

We look forward to seeing you!

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