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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Helpful tip: Always save the course syllabus!

You may not always want to save textbooks or class notes from every college course you've ever completed -- but it's a good idea to save the syllabus! (And super-easy.) Just get a binder and as each course is completed, file the syllabus away!

On many occasions, prospective (and admitted students) have questions about a particular course and whether we will accept it towards fulfilling one of our prerequisite requirements. While a course description is readily available in your college's online course catalog, often times the brief description doesn't provide enough information. If needed, a detailed course syllabus will allow us to review specific course content -- thus being able to provide you with a quicker response.

Trust me, this will make your life that much easier! Rather than tracking down a syllabus from your past instructor, the academic department, or the university -- you can simply refer to your syllabus binder.  You can thank me later!

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