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Monday, January 30, 2012

When college applicants plagiarize...

Interesting article (see link below) in today's Los Angeles Times. As you know, PharmCAS is now using this technology (Turnitin) as a way to identify potentially plagiarized essay responses. We've seen some very eye-opening results this year -- which calls into question the integrity of some applicants. As much as we'd like to think all applicants are using their own words to respond to essays, many applicants take a short-cut by plagiarizing. In fact one applicant, who was found to have plagiarized nearly 60% of their essay, was not allowed to apply to any school of pharmacy this year. In order to apply next year, they must report this violation on the PharmCAS application question that asks:  "Were you ever the recipient of any action (e.g. dismissal, disqualification, suspension, probation etc.) by any college or university for unacceptable academic performance or conduct violations?" Obviously, when admissions committees see this violation, it can have a MONUMENTAL impact on the applicant. 

When college applicants plagiarize, Turnitin can spot them

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