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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's on!

The 2010 UCSF Supplemental Application has launched!

It's on!




Danna said...

Hi Joel, thanks for the valuable information on your blog.

Question: I am planning to attend one of the Supplemental Application Workshops, should I have my first draft ready by then?

Joel W. Gonzales said...

Hi Danna,

You do not need to have your application drafted by the time you attend the workshop -- we will not be reviewing your materials or looking at what you've already prepared.

Instead, it would be VERY helpful for you to bring a copy of the application so that you can make notes in each section as we discuss it.


ryan said...

Hi Joel, I just have a quick question. Are their specific types of required letters of recommendations for admission to the PharmD program.I am a pharmacy technician and work with 3 pharmacists so I can get recommendations from them but I wanted to know if my recommendations should be more diverse(i.e. from an instructor or an employer).

Joel W. Gonzales said...


We don't have a requirement as to who submits your Letters of Recommendation (LORs); however, we would like to see a letter from someone who is familiar with your academic work. Our only "rule" is that the LORs cannot come from a friend or a family member. That being said, we would like a diverse group of individuals submitting letters on your behalf. I'm not convinced that having 3 LORs from pharmacists provides that diverse perspective we are looking for. We realize that some schools require a letter from a pharmacist (and so it it is likely that we will see a letter from a pharmacist if you are applying to one of those schools); however, from our perspective the letter still needs to provide detailed insight into the applicant. Just because it's from a pharmacist means little unless the letter includes detailed information and insight into the applicant.

Please be sure and review our LOR section on the PharmCAS school page for LOR requirements!


danna said...

Hi Joel,

Thanks for the quick reply. I will make sure I bring a copy of the supplemental to the workshop.

I have a question regarding pharmacy experience. On the Pharmacy Information Day, you said it was not essential that applicants come with experience working in the pharmacy but should have an idea what pharmacists do. I had difficulty obtaining a pharmacy internship, so I began talking to different kinds of pharmacists (clinical, managerial, local, UCSF alumni, etc.). I enjoyed these talks immensely and felt that I learned a lot. I will continue to sought out pharmacists to talk to, but do you think I should push for that internship?

Thanks for all your great advice!


Lena said...

Hi Joel,

I live on the East coast, so it is quite impossible, logistically, for me to fly out to the other side of the country for the supplemental application workshop. But I am dying to know what you advise and what you talk about during these workshops.

I was wondering if you could possibly post some pertinent information from these workshops in your blog?

While I understand while the workshops are localized on the West coast, it gives people a certain advantage that is not available to other people living outside of California who want to get in just as badly. Just trying to leverage out the playing field. :) If the workshop was a 3-4 hour drive away, I'd totally make it, but a plane ride worth a few hundred dollars and a lot of time is not quite worth it when you have a full-time job. (Yes, I know, we have to fly for the interview, but an interview is most definitely different from a workshop.)

Thanks for your consideration!

Joel W. Gonzales said...

Dear East Coaster,

The advice that we provide at the Supplemental Application Workshops is VERY GENERAL in nature -- and nothing that can't be found by spending quality time on our website. We do not provide any insider secrets or hints that give West Coast applicants and advantage. A quality application can be submitted whether one attends these sessions or not -- it just depends on who much quality time an applicant is willing to spend on the application.


Lena said...

Thanks for your reply, Joel!

jessica said...

Hi Joel,

I was just wondering if any application receipts have gone out of UCSF yet saying that the application has been received. I turned my application in during the month of July yet haven't heard back...kinda getting nervous...if you could just let me know the status of application receipts, that would really be helpful!

Thank you!

Mike said...

Thanks!! Nice post!!

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