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Monday, October 4, 2021

Finishing Up Those Prereqs!

"Can students still apply to your school while having some prerequisites in progress? I still need to take some courses to meet the course requirements to apply for your school."

"I saw the deadline for UCSF pharmacy application, but if I still plan to take some of the pre requisites (during fall quarter and/or winter quarter and/or the following spring quarter) would I still be able to apply?"

"I looked at the required academic pre-requisites. I realized that I don't have some of requirements satisfied when I submit the application.  Will missing these two requirements greatly effect my eligibility for being accepted?"

We get these types of questions a LOT. So I figured it was perfect for a blog entry.

So, first, it's totally typical that applicants apply to our program with prerequisite requirements either in-progress or planned. In many cases -- both! They are currently enrolled in courses, and have future plans to enroll in courses after they submit their application. In fact, it's quite rare to receive an application and all prerequisite courses have been completed.

Let me explain....

On your PharmCAS application, you'll list classes in three different ways:

  1. ALL college-level courses in your past. (So everything you have a grade in and appears on a college transcript.)

  2. ALL college courses you are currently enrolled in when you submit your application by the deadline. (So this will likely be fall term classes)

  3. ALL future/planned college courses you expect to take after you submit your application, but before you start our PharmD program the following summer. (So this is likely winter and/or spring courses.) These courses/plans can certainly change, but you'll still want to at least list courses that you think you'll be taking --  so we can see that you have a realistic plan. Listing a tentative course lets us know you have a plan to complete the requirement before starting our program. Otherwise if you leave it completely blank, we could assume that you haven’t completed the requirement with no future plans to complete it. Does that make sense? In other words, give us something to work with. 😊  If admitted, we'll provide you with instructions on how to update us on any changes you listed on your application.
Easy-breezy, right?

We do indicate this, in very general terms on our prerequisite webpage

In a nutshell:
  • Do prerequisite requirements have to be completed before I submit the application? No.

  • Can I take prerequisite classes after I submit the application? Yes.

  • Must I finish prerequisite requirements before I start UCSF's PharmD program? Yes.

  • I got admitted! Can I roll into UCSF's PharmD program and still be working on that last prereq class when the PharmD program starts... I promise I'll finish it while also juggling the PharmD curriculum... it's only a public speaking class... huh?  Nope. No. No. No.  

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