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Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Major Shift, Supplementally Speaking

The past couple of years have witnessed a major shift in the PharmD application process.

A dynamic new version of the national application, PharmCAS, was launched last year. The new version allowed each school to add unique prerequisite requirements and essay questions specific to each PharmD program.  Last year, we took advantage of that opportunity by moving our UCSF-specific prerequisite requirements list into the PharmCAS application.  Applicants no longer had to re-enter that information on our Supplemental Application. This year, we've moved EVERYTHING into the PharmCAS application. 

In previous years, UCSF utilized a two-part application process: (1) the PharmCAS application; and (2) the UCSF Supplemental Application. Beginning with the current admissions cycle, we no longer require a separate UCSF Supplemental Application. Instead, UCSF-specific essays and prerequisite requirements will now appear in the PharmCAS application when an applicant designates UCSF as a school to which they intend to apply. We do still require a UCSF Application Processing Fee.

Even though we no longer have a separate Supplemental Application, I thought it would be helpful to provide you with our UCSF-specific essay questions that are now part of the PharmCAS application.

For students applying in 2018 for entry in summer 2019, a current list of essays questions, can be found here.

To access the PharmCAS application, visit the PharmCAS website!

To access the UCSF Application Processing Fee page, visit our website!

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