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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Reading instructions: It can make all the difference!

As our Supplemental Application deadline approaches, we are starting to receive many phone calls and emails from applicants who are experiencing "technical problems" with the application prerequisite page.

To date, we've been able to resolve every problem by reminding applicants to read (and follow) the detailed instructions we've provided.  It's not enough to simply download the form and start working on it, without making sure HOW you are downloading it -- in order to get the results we are both looking for (problem-free and readable!)

As an added "warning", we've included two questions to (hopefully) guard against applicant's completing the form in the wrong program/format. But, of course, we are finding some will simply check the boxes without reading. Yikes! 

Pharmacy is a profession where both following instructions and paying attention to details are highly-valued -- particularly as it relates to medicine. We believe that training starts at the point of  application to a PharmD program.

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