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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It REALLY Doesn't Matter...

I received a call yesterday from an applicant who will be interviewing in a few weeks, wondering whether their pre-assigned interview date reflected their competitiveness. In addition, the topic was also brought up in conversation during our first interview day last week. I always find this question/topic quite puzzling as an applicant's assigned interview date is totally random, with the exception of, perhaps, where they currently reside. I thought I pretty much put this concern to rest several years ago when I explained our assignment date process in a blog post -- but maybe it wasn't enough for paranoid interviewees?

Just for fun (and I was actually really curious myself), I pulled data from the most recently admitted  class to see what percentage of admitted students interviewed on each of the five interview days held in early 2013*:
Interview Day 1  - 24%
Interview Day 2  - 22%
Interview Day 3  - 20%
Interview Day 4  - 14%
Interview Day 5  - 20%

I would say..... IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER...

*Note: Not all interview dates have the same number of candidates being interviewed. Some days have as many as 72 and as few as 48 candidates.

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