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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello Joel, I read on a forum that acceptances and rejections were already sent out. I wanted to go to the source and ask you if this is true? Thank you.

It's true! We've sent some offers of admissions and some letters of denial already.

As I mentioned at the Interview Welcome Session, we would be sending notifications (both kinds) as soon as a decision has been made and as soon as we are ready. Not everyone is notified at the same time. Remember, just because someone else has been admitted, it means nothing for you. And on the flip-side, just because someone has been denied, it also means nothing for you. (Unless, of course, you are one-half of conjoined twins -- which would be a whole different story and create a whole different set of circumstances.)

We are right on track!

Also mentioned was the fact that our notification window lasts until April 1. If you haven't heard from us by April 2, contact me directly -- not through this blog.

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Anonymous said...

My constant email checking is taking over my life. These darn smartphones make it too easy for an obsession like this to take root. Glad to hear it's coming along though! Can't wait to hear and thank you for all the updates!

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