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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is there at all any preference between applicants who are in-state versus out-of state? Seems on forum sites (SDN) that most currently accepted students are from California. I'm trying to be absolutely patient and hopeful for good mail.

Good question. A couple of things to keep in mind:
1. First and foremost, be careful when reading online forums. I think it's easy to get caught up in the information being thrown about. They are public forums. Anyone can say anything -- even post false information. (For instance, I've read posts where posters have indicated they've been offered admission at a time when we've sent NO offers out! And then panic sets in from others who read that.) I also think it's easy to get caught up in thinking that the forums include EVERYONE who has applied or interviewed or accepted -- when in reality, it's only a few posters.
2. We don't have an in-state or out-of-state preference. We select our interview pool from those who apply to our program. The vast majority of our applicants are from California; therefore the majority of our interviewees are from CA. The majority of our entering class is from CA. If we received thousands of applicants from Tennessee, we'd probably interview a lot of people from Tennessee. And we'd have many Tennesseans in our entering class. But we don't.

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