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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crossing The Finish Line!

Wow! What a long (and great) day! 

Our final admissions committee meeting just ended -- a perfect way to wrap up a short week. We're all out of here to enjoy the long three-day weekend!

(Now to focus on March Madness!) 


Anonymous said...

So three day weekend means you won't finish mailing out these decisions until Tuesday?

Congrats on finishing tho!

Joel W. Gonzales said...

The 3-day weekend was Friday-Saturday-Sunday, not Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Back to work this morning! (I wish it would have been a 4-day weekend.)

All remaining admit and deny letters will go out in today's afternoon mail.

Wait-list letters will probably go out on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joel,

I hope you had a good rest after the stressful week.
Can you please share anything about acceptance/rejection ? How big is a chance to get acceptance at this moment ?
Any statistic will be wonderful. Everyone is going crazy on the forum.

Joel W. Gonzales said...

"...after the stressful week?" I didn't have a stressful week.

Anonymous said...

I think it's been more of a stressful week for all applicants :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the timeline! It helps in figuring out approximately when we need to rush home to check the mail. :)

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